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The benefits of exercise

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

         Walking around AA last night, c. 6:45 p.m., I ran into Rich Ankli around Liberty and Maynard, southeast corner. He told me he thought local media coverage of his recent City Council campaign was not very fair, and he might be right about that. He also asked me if I were with any organization, and I said no, and he said he was the same, and didn’t accept any campaign donations from anybody. Maybe Ankli has some lessons to teach us after all…
         Right after that, I ran into emptywheel, see her userpages at Daily Kos and The Next Hurrah; I think the last time I saw her was at YearlyKos in Las Vegas when we were both on C-SPAN (she seated on the stage as part of panel, me as some audience guy at microphone) at the Valerie Plame panel. Ah small world. (She was going to the Michigan Theater to see “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, about which I may have a future post…)
         (Also: emptywheel has some seriously obsessed fans, see today’s naughtily-titled stiletto-heel-related post from Down Under at Wot Is It Good 4 (When Doves Cry)!! This is what happens when you become a famous blogger…)

         So, there are benefits to walking around instead having a car, after all. Health AND social.