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“Women on the Road to Victory” rally at UM (UPDATED)

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

         Six female Democratic U.S. senators showed up at the 12:30 (more like 1) rally on the UM-Ann Arbor “Diag” today; I didn’t see all of it, since a UM film society was showing Steven Spielberg’s little-seen 1968 first film, “Amblin’” (as in “Amblin Entertainment”…) at 1, but it was only a 26-minute film, hippies, hitchhiking and all. –So I went back outside and saw a number of Senators etc. speak.

         There was no groundbreaking news: the Democrats said to…support the Democrats in November. Senator Debbie Stabenow, as “keynote speaker”, struck some nice notes, though, including not letting America slip back under the Republicans to lower wages or other ugly stuff on the false theory that we can only compete with other countries if we get rid of decent wages, health care, etc. for our own workers, in a “race to the bottom”.

         I photographed Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana (an old favorite of mine, see my letter in the London Guardian recommending Kerry choose her for a running mate), though she appears rather small in the photo above. (Didn’t photo Stabenow since the banners note it’s her rally anyway…) After the event, I got to thank Landrieu for her efforts re Katrina, and asked if she could do something to make sure that, in that humanitarian vein, Louisiana could make sure to divest from Sudan. (By the way, there is a huge international “Darfur Day of Action” today.) She looked thoughtful and said that she would do something about it, since there were terrible things going on in Darfur. –Thank you Senator!   

         Never say that politics isn’t worthwhile…

(Update: I believe Senator Landrieu also mentioned divestment re apartheid in South Africa, showing that she recognizes the history of divestment as a valid tool for saving lives… Thanks again Senator!)