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ADL supports Massachusetts divestment from Sudan

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

         See the Anti-Defamation League press release ADL Urges Massachusetts State House to Take a Stand Against Genocide in Darfur,

         “…New England Regional Board member Lori Gans testified before the Joint Committee on Public Service in support of Senate Bill 1474, An Act Relative to Pension Divestment.
         Ms. Gans, who represented the League before the Committee, said: “With witnesses to the Holocaust thankfully still living among us, we are reminded that it is our moral duty to do all that is in our power to stop genocide, wherever it arises, and whoever the targeted people are.” …”

         Excellent work! (See our previous, and related, post Anti-Defamation League supports divestment from Sudan.)

UM: master in blogology

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

         See the Michigan Daily from yesterday, A master’s in MySpace: School of Information creates graduate program to study networking sites,

         “…With social networking websites like Facebook, and growing in popularity, the School of Information has created a master’s program in social computing for students to study the social impact and technological design of the sites. …”

         That could include blogs too. –Watch out, you’re under the microscope!

Arrest warrant for Foxy Brown

Friday, March 30th, 2007

         See the Miami Herald, Foxy Brown bails on Broward court date,

         “In recent years, Foxy Brown has become better known for her rap sheet than her rap albums.
         Brown’s list of legal troubles grew longer Thursday when she failed to show up for an arraignment in Broward court. Broward Judge Joel Lazarus has issued an arrest warrant for Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand.
         The 27-year-old Brown was arrested and jailed overnight last month after a dust-up at a beauty supply store in Pembroke Pines. Police say she threw hair glue at an employee and later smacked an officer. …”

         (Of course, please don’t forget Saga of Foxy Brown & Ms. Jackson: part 53, Foxy Brown can’t make up mind in court, and Foxy Brown gets down w/Ms. Jackson…..)

The Frieze and the flume

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

         Well, more of a plume or fountain than flume maybe, of water spewing in the air–looking like rising smoke–at the site of the destroyed Frieze a few days ago. (Some of the windborne wet flew in my face; I probably won’t sue the U, though.)

         As for that yellow wrecker, maybe it’s the same as in our earlier post about the Lost School of Business or whatever they call it now.

         UM spends so much time destroying its own buildings, and still wants mo money mo money mo money $$$. I don’t think so.

Noel Gallagher of Oasis: let’s hang people

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

         See the Guardian, Diary,

         “I’ve worked this out. I reckon I could sort it out, the country, in a year and a half. I’d definitely bring back hanging, that’s for starters. If you get convicted three times by three separate juries then you’re going to the gallows, and if by any chance some evidence comes up that you may have been innocent and they can prove it beyond reasonable doubt then your next of kin gets £500,000. Vote for me.”

         Dirty b-stard.

35th annual Ann Arbor Pow Wow, 3/31-4/1/07

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

         Courtesy of their website and a flyer:

“35th Annual
University of Michigan
Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow
March 31 and April 1, 2007
Crisler Arena
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dance For Mother Earth Pow Wow 2007

Doors open on Saturday at 10:30AM
Saturday Grand Entries at 12:00 & 7:00PM
Doors open Sunday at 10:30AM
Sunday Grand Entry at 12:00PM …

Please joing us for a celebration of Native American culture!
Experience unique Native dance styles, singing, and purchase artwork from vendors!

Student discount w/ID: $7.00 …

Also join us for Indian Law Day. Friday March 30th, 2007, Rm 250 Hutchins Hall, U of M Law School, an exploration of contemporary topics in Indian Law.” 


Strawberry meth–help

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

         I thought the idea of strawberry cocaine was bad, see my post from September, Raspberry beret, strawberry cocaine; but now there’s methamphetamine in kiddie flavors, see, e.g., USA Today “On Deadline”, Strawberry quick: The new & improved form of meth?, and more USA Today, DEA: Flavored meth use on the rise.


The Daily’s slip on Sudan, part 2

Monday, March 26th, 2007

         Examining the whole story timewise: the Michigan Daily (in particular a reporter who shall go nameless for now) mailed me on 2/5/07 to ask me for information about the “UM investments in Sudan” issue, since I am associated with it. I responded shortly thereafter, saying that, among other things,

1) many people support divestment from Sudan (see, e.g., UC Divestment from Sudan),

2) MSA passed a resolution in fall 2005 that UM should divest from/pledge noninvestment in Sudan,

2) divestment helped end apartheid in South Africa; and UM has divested from both South Africa and tobacco stocks,

3) UM has claimed to me that they were divested from some Sudan investments, but not, to my knowledge, that they were divested from all such investments,

4) the UM Record consistently enables investment in Sudan, e.g., Sudan investors TIAA-CREF and Fidelity are regularly featured in the Record’s “University of Michigan Investment Funds Update”.

         So, I imagined, the Daily might produce a relatively reasoned and informative article about UM and Sudan, partly because of all the information I had offered…

         (From part 1, you know that didn’t happen, though! More details coming…)

UM temporary-workers drive

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

         At someone’s request, here we go, a post about the quest of UM temporary workers for justice. I’ll just include some of the language I was mentioned, with some minor editing (only capitalization and such),

         “Temp workers are initiating an organizing drive on campus. …Many temps on campus are also U of M students; it’s an issue pertinent to the U of M community. Temp workers on campus are asking for access to services like UHS for non-UM student temps who lack any healthcare coverage, as well as the option to move up in the university system to full-time workers.
         Many temps are routinely denied advancement on the job, which puts a lot of Ann Arbor residents in a difficult situation given that the university is the biggest employer in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. They’ve had enough and are sparring with the university over their condition.
         The temps blog set up for the drive can be found at”

         Go temps!!

         (By the way, I assisted some of the people over at “Bikini Update” to articulate a suitable post about this, too: the guy who put up a half-hearted attempt at a post didn’t even post an information link, among other problems. But we’ll show them how it’s done here.)

The Daily’s slip on Sudan, part 1

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

         Or should it be “slips”.

         Anyway, as part of the flawed local journalism that Arblogger tends to explore, we have the “Michigan Daily” telling us that “‘U’ has no stock in Sudan…”, when their article has no evidence for that extreme a statement, on a crucial issue of modern-day genocide! More later.

         Part 2, 3, etc. coming up. Don’t invest in Sudan, in the meantime.