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RIP Marilynn Rosenthal, August 9, 2007

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

(Courtesy of UM “Michigan Today”)

         See Ann Arbor News, Amanda Hamon, Mother leaves a legacy of learning: Marilynn Rosenthal, who died of cancer Aug. 9, founded lecture series after her son died on 9/11,

          “Marilynn Rosenthal focused her life on learning and understanding - not revenge - after losing her son in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
         Those values propelled the Ann Arbor woman to organize an annual lecture at the University of Michigan on the anniversary of the attacks.
         Rosenthal, a lifelong scholar, lecturer and activist, died of cancer at the age of 77 in her Ann Arbor home on Aug. 9. …
         She wanted to know everything about Marwan al-Shehhi, the man who hijacked the plane that slammed into the south tower of the World Trade Center, killing her 44-year-old son, Joshua Rosenthal, who worked on the 94th floor for Fiduciary Trust International.
         Marilynn Rosenthal spent the last five years researching al-Shehhi, Helen Rosenthal said. She even flew to the United Arab Emirates and met with members of his extended family.
         Those interviews, along with expert accounts and private briefings she received, are compiled into a book that stands as Rosenthal’s last scholarly work. It focuses on two mothers who lost sons - herself and al-Shehhi’s mother.
         ”Bitterness was not her response to losing her son. … She looked at it as trying to understand what went on, not trying to blame,” said Larry Radine, Rosenthal’s colleague at U-M-Dearborn.
         The book remains unpublished, but Helen Rosenthal said she hopes to carry through her mother’s wishes by seeing the book in print. She said she will soon begin searching for a publisher. …
         Rosenthal is survived by her daughter and two young grandchildren. A fund has been established in her name at UMHS to improve patient safety, Helen Rosenthal said.”

         I met her and spoke to her, I believe, at at least one UM 9/11 commemoration event, maybe one of the annual lectures mentioned above. And I hadn’t even known she was ill until reading the obituary.          
         RIP MR.

Dean, DNC deck Florida for early primary

Monday, August 27th, 2007

(Cross-posted from the front page of Michigan Liberal) 

     See, e.g., Daily Kos, Breaking: DNC Committee votes to strip Florida of all 2008 Delegates by mattinla, 

     “The Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to strip Florida of all its delegates to the 2008 democratic National Convention, acording to The Politico. [here]
Some background may be found here, in a good article from this morning’s Washington Post.  [here]

Update 1:  It appears that the vote to impose sanctions was nearly unanimous; only one clear dissenting (voice) vote was heard.  The move here is clearly a shot across the bow of Michigan, which is considering legislation to set a January 15 primary that would force New Hampshire up to January 8.  I’m somewhat surprised by the near unanimity here, which is a clear sign of strength for Chairman Dean, who has been a vocal critic of states jumping the gun. …”  Well.
     Let’s see whether Granholm and others get the message or not. . .

“Blog carefully, comrade…”

Friday, August 24th, 2007

See Breitbart, Yahoo, MSN sign blogging ’self-discipline’ pact in China,

“US Internet giants Yahoo and MSN confirmed Friday they had signed a code of conduct for their blogging operations in China that committed them to protecting the interests of the Chinese state.
Yahoo, Microsoft’s MSN and other blog providers in China this week signed the “self-discipline” pact, under which they pledged to “safeguard state and public interests,” according to a statement from the China Internet Society.
The pact “encourages” the Internet firms to register the real names, addresses and other personal details of the bloggers, and then keep this information.
The firms also committed to delete any “illegal or bad messages”, according to a copy of the pact posted on the society’s website. …
Yahoo came under particular criticism for cooperating with requests by China to pass on personal information of its users, leading to the jailing of several cyber-dissidents.
International press freedom group Reporters Without Borders condemned Yahoo and MSN for agreeing to the blogging pact.
“The Chinese government has yet again forced Internet sector companies to cooperate on sensitive issues. In this case blogger registration and blog content,” it said in a statement. ”


…By the way, our friends at Department of Homeland Security remind you to have the proper thoughts whenever you blog here in America…

Foxy Brown, her back in stir

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

See MTV, Foxy Brown Sent To Jail For Violating Probation,

“Foxy Brown was ordered to prison Wednesday morning (August 22) by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson for violating the terms of her probation agreement. According to New York City Probation spokesman Jack Ryan, Brown will be jailed until her next scheduled hearing, which is set for September 7 in New York.
A representative from the New York Department of Corrections confirmed to MTV News that Brown will be held in the all-women Rose M. Singer Center at Rikers Island prison. The rapper was escorted directly from court to the facility and arrived at approximately 2 p.m. on Wednesday.
The violation stems from two separate incidents, Ryan confirmed: Brown’s recent arrest for allegedly assaulting her neighbor with a BlackBerry cell phone and for leaving the jurisdiction of New York without court permission. Ryan did not supply or confirm further details regarding the latter violation. Brown was originally placed on three years’ probation after a dispute with two nail salon employees in New York in August 2004. …
And just last week the rapper was cited for seven driving violations after police pulled her over for illegally talking on a cell phone and failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.
The routine traffic stop snowballed after Brown supplied police with a false name and other false information. Police then discovered the rapper was driving with a suspended registration and driver’s license. …”

–The saga continues.

YearlyKos Obama, Hillary, Howard Dean fun

Monday, August 20th, 2007

The hand man  

         Obama here, gesticulating at the YearlyKos presidential forum.

The hand lady

         Hillary in turquoise (as she may have wanted us to notice), also gesticulating at same forum. See Ari Melber in The Nation, linking to a diary of mine re the role I may have played in cadging Hill into attending YearlyKos at all…   

Paging Dr. Dean

         And DNC chairman Howard Dean, firing up the troops. Whoosh!       

Pink slip

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

From the top of the darned parking structure in downtown AA again, at sunset or maybe shortly after. Cf. A.E. Housman on “the orange band of evening” or something.

RIP New West Side Blog and ypsi~dixit

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

         Looks like the bloggy casualties are piling up around here, including New West Side Blog and ypsi~dixit. The former sports a charming “The webpage cannot be found…HTTP 404″ message when you click on it over at Ann Arbor Is Overrated., though if you go the The New West Side Association route, at least you get a purty picture, but when you click the pic, you get the same “404″ result as above.
         Maybe Sabra Briere and Mike Anglin ran over the blog with a truck.

         As for yd, the blog which proclaimed “KEEP YPSI ROLLIN’” has stopped rollin’, apparently. Perhaps Ypsi ditched it.

Re retiring rapping M.C. Karl Rove

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

         See my Daily Kos diary on the “musical” M.C. KR here.

David Bo..e and his lovely Labyrinth

Monday, August 13th, 2007


“Turn back, Sarah…”

         Saw Labyrinth today in Royal Oak, matinee at the Landmark Main Art Theatre. Almost as good as when I saw it 21 years ago (at another theater, in another city). 
         The ripoffs by people making “Pan’s Labyrinth” and writing “Harry Potter” are visible, if you look in the film.

         Looking at my near-namesake David Bowie,


, I wonder, if I got a really big can of hairspray…….Never mind.

         (Fun fact: Jennifer Connelly, in big pic above, used to go to the same educational institution as I did, for a while. She sat right behind me in an art history class; so she might remember what the back of my head looks like, if she were under hypnosis…)

Blogging while female, speaking while Juan Cole

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

          This is my photo from the audience of the “Blogging While Female” panel last Saturday the 4th at YearlyKos, see the Nation article about it by panel moderator Garance Franke-Ruta, on the far left of photo above. Going rightward, there are famous bloggers Jessica Valenti of Feministing, Amanda Marcotte (formerly John Edwards’ blogger before controversy hit) of Pandagon, and Yearly Kos executive director Gina Cooper.

         I asked a question about symbiosis, i.e., how blogs can work to get more women into real political office, and vice versa; Marcotte answered and mentioned factors like demographics, including that a lot of young women bloggers were maybe more disconnected from politics than some of the older generation. (At least that’s what I remember, and there may be some truth to it; let’s hope the connections increase…)

         And let’s not forget our ole AA academic buddy Juan Cole, photoed here moderating at the Friday 8/3 late afternoon “The Arc of Crisis: US Policy in the Middle East and South Asia” panel. Among other things, he dared to say that Osama might not be in west Pakistan where our commandos can scoop him up or our air force can bomb him; instead, bin L might be lounging by some swimming pool at the home of a wealthy sympathizer, actually. Hmmm.
         …By the way, I refuse to say whether Cole, I, and virtually all others in the room were forced out of the “Huffington Post/Laughing Liberally” party on the 32nd floor that night because Hyatt hotel security went nuts and said that no parties are allowed in rooms for anybody but those registered to that room, but whatever.