Mary Sue’s little devils, uh, Angells

         The Michigamua, uh, Michigan Daily tells us about the new name that “the artist formerly known as Prince the society formely known as Michigamua” has decided upon: In Society asks Angell family to use its name: Controversial group asks to call itself Order of Angell, we see 

         “…James K. Angell - the great grandson of James B. Angell, who helped found Michigamua in 1902 - said last night that two members of the controversial society came to his Bethesda, Md. home on Wednesday night and asked his permission to call the group Order of Angell. …”

         Mary Sue’s little Angells. Sweet.

         Could there have been other names though? (Cf. Rob Goodspeed’s (in)famous Name Michigan’s Premier Secret Society! post) E.g.,

         To honor “most famous Michigamua man ever” Gerald Ford (RIP): the Ford Ord (not to be confused with Fort Ord, California)

         Donnmfresardigamua (the Michigan Daily preferred choice, no doubt)

         Obamagamua (self-explanatory)

         Rob Goodspeed Appreciation Society

         Circle of Andrew Yahkind Dependents

         Formerly Crazed Racists Gamua

         Gamma Gamma Gamua (for the sorority crowd)

         Lollapagamua (for the music crowd)

         Gamua Gamua Gamua Gamua Gamua Chameleon (for the Boy George/Culture Club crowd) 

         Traumagamua (because of all the fuss)

         DalaiLamaGamua (that Tibetan appeal…and just wait for the donations from Richard Gere!) 

         —Well, maybe the wait is finally over and we have a new name for the Org. Still, as long as that new name can be traced to the bad old club of Native American spoofers, our self-proclaimed “Angells” would do well not to wear the new name on a sweatshirt, lest they be barred from America’s finest service station restrooms, among other places…..

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