Cherokee Nation expels blacks

  Sad story: see AP via Yahoo, Cherokees vote out slaves’ descendants,

  “Cherokee Nation members voted Saturday to revoke the tribal citizenship of an estimated 2,800 descendants of the people the Cherokee once owned as slaves.
  With all 32 precincts reporting, 76.6 percent had voted in favor of an amendment to the tribal constitution that would limit citizenship to descendants of “by blood” tribe members as listed on the federal Dawes Commission’s rolls from more than 100 years ago.
  The commission, set up by a Congress bent on breaking up Indians’ collective lands and parceling them out to tribal citizens, drew up two rolls, one listing Cherokees by blood and the other listing freedmen, a roll of blacks regardless of whether they had Indian blood.
  Some opponents of the ballot question argued that attempts to remove freedmen from the tribe were motivated by racism.
  “I’m very disappointed that people bought into a lot of rhetoric and falsehoods by tribal leaders,” said Marilyn Vann, president of the Oklahoma City-based Descendants of Freedmen of Five Civilized Tribes. …”

  Always unfortunate when various oppressed minorities find themselves at odds with each other.

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  1. David Boyle Says:

    One would hope for more, say, inclusiveness…

  2. Mike Says:

    Good move……..and good stand!!
    I wish the rest of the country could do the same. They want Africa as their nation, and ours for getting everything else.
    I just hope Bill Cosby was on that list.

  3. David Boyle Says:

    You may be a Cherokee, if I may ask?

    You don’t seem to like The Cos, either…..

  4. Kennith Says:

    It’s about TIME someone started standing up,,,, GREAT MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Pack Says:

    I can respect decision making, to benefit choice by a people.
    there allowed to do it its there right.On the other hand If your a closet racist like the other commenters on this page you should be a racist all the time and not use someone elses goals and gains to come express your hate and evil.
    if your a racist and you express it I can respect you more
    if you tell the world before other people make choices for there survival

  6. Gloria Dennen Says:

    I believe this has much less to do with racism than with redressing a wrong done by a government that had done little that was right for any tribe in the past. This move was a government decision more than 100 years ago, and now that the Tribes have a viable legal standing, they are repudiating actions forced upon them by a government they didn’t recognize. They had nothing against Freedmen then, and likely have nothing against the descendants now. No, I am not part of either group, just a 3rd generation child of immigrants who learned this country’s history when it was still important to do so.

  7. JON Says:

    cudos to the cherokee nation ! ! thank goodness they have made their voices heard.they have the god given right to keep the cherokee nation cherokee ! ! a brave move.

  8. Dumi Says:

    A terribly complicated issue that I’m trying to sort through now. I tend to think there is a huge issue with the implications of race and blood quantum and historical definitions that were imposed. Even with my thinking through the arguments and the reason for the vote, I am clear that the overtly racist sentiments that some of the commentors have expressed are wrong and insulting. It just shows that people are waiting for an opportunity to express their hatred, not rightfully engage the issues at hand.

  9. Raven EL Says:

    How can a race of people let someone else tell them who they are? Let`s do DNA testing to see whom is whom on this planet! In our right state of mind we are (MOORS). Google Noble Drew Ali 1928 Pan American Conference Havana, Cuba to see who really are! As (MOORS) we were here on these shores thousands of years before Columbus! Look at the Olmec Heads and tell the world and yourself, that they aren`t (MOORS).As (MOORS) we were on the Trail of Tears. Black, African American, Negro, Colored are all names given to a race of people. What race of people take on labels and names given to them by someone else?The pyramids in Egpyt, South America, and the Mounds in the America`s were built by the (MOORS).As (MOORS) we knew when the tides were coming in, so we navigated all over the world! Why aren`t the oldest artifacts in America found in Alaska? Science once said the hydrogyen atom was the lightest element. What about quarks, zeles, and zedes? Science once said there was only 12 planets; their founding planets, suns, and moons everyday.What about Ben York a (MOOR) on the Louise and Clark expedition? Without Ben York they would not have made it. Ben York was a (MOOR) from Mali a linguist being able to talk with all the tribes they came across!

  10. Galaloi A. Reape Says:

    O-si-O ( hello)and Do-yi-hi (peace) to the Real Ani Yun ni Yah people, Which our people called themselves, tsa-la-gi (cherokee) is what other indigenous nations of North America called us. Cherokee means those of a different language. I would also like to add, blessings on the true Elohi (Earth) people of all races who walk in right thought across this Planet. After taking some time to meditate on the comments that many of you took time share, I felt it necessary to give insight to some ancient historical information that most people are unaware of. I am also aware that no matter what is stated here, the racist overtones displayed by certain individuals may never awaken to the truth of what has occured on this planet.
    My question to all of you is, How long will you allow yourselves to be the pawns of the invaders who have oppressed and controled this planet for the last 6,000 yrs? We think that the society in which we live in today is quite advanced, but in reality all nationalities are the remenant of a greater past. The Ani-yun-ni-yah are originally a people who arrived from the east and yes that eastern place was Africa. It is estimated that they arrived sometime around 2000 and 1500 BC. It is strongly believe that they are the desendants of the ancient Olmecs. Cherokee legends and traditions attest to this fact both in Mexico and those in the United States who have research the information I am sharing with you. At the height of their civilization a great uprising took place and the survivors journied to the north.
    To the obvious racist individuals who have made their statements quite clear…. I will make this statement quite CLEAR to you! The Majority of Native American Peoples were of Asiatic / Kush / khemit /South Pacific origin. It was stated in both the journals of Christopher Columbus and His son that many of the peoples encountered in the Caribbean and Meso-American regions were of dark brown complexion. Most of the documentation I have shared with you was reseached by those of European (White) ancestry, people of good standing seeking historical truth and not White supremist oppression.
    There are ungodly forces out there who wish to turn back the hands of time again to enslave to peoples of the Earth, to re-establish cast systems and the like. While the people fight amongst each other to establish who is more superior than the other…. The controllers of our natural resources destroy more of Mother Earth day by day. WAKE UP!!! There is so much more I could share with you, if only there were the time and space. To the REAL people of the Elohi (earth)…May the Great Spirit bless you from the North, from the South, from the East, from the West, from Above, from Below and from Within. These are the 7 directions of the Spirit of our peoples and from Creation. Do-na-da, Wa-doh and do-yi-hi (until we meet again, thank you and peace)

  11. E.Turner El Says:

    It is sad that so many writers have so much information which they have been brained washed by their europeans invaders seeking to take your/our land believeing that there are negros, blacks, colored and /or afro-americans, most allof these people have attempted to read the biblical history with no knowledge in sight.there are only two major people(moors and pale others) and and all other nations are from these two nations, there not enough space to fully explain, ONE GOD, ONE Nation, ONE PEOPLE,all about these two SONS, learn to read your God man self. Peace, E.Turner El

  12. Zion Amore - Bey Says:

    Peace . - Bro

  13. Paige Dunn Says:

    I get so tired of people trying to cling to racism. It’s like they have nothing better to do than to keep dragging others down with them. (certainly no time to educate themselves) It is ignorance! When is this world going to finally grow up and move on?

    Do we not all bleed the same? Do we not weep over the same types of issues? Do we not all rejoice when we’re happy? Do we not all hunger?

    We are the HUMAN race. There is no other race.

  14. Grand Sheik Steven Berry El Says:

    This act to seperate us Moors from the Cherokee Nation is very unhuman and is against our true nationality and birthright. How could the European nations who have controlled these native people for a couple hundred years declair such a thing against our people in claiming their Cherokee bloodline. This a part of our history as well as every other nationality who has bloodline in connection to the native Cherokee. I will not call the native’s to this land Indian’s because they we’re not from India,and I also would like to address the fact that I myself have Cherokee blood in me. I am not trying to offend no body of any other nationality on this subject based on the Color of Law of European classism calling somebody a blackman or a whiteman has no basis for nationality, because these are adjectives describing something. The Color of Law only refers to status of a human being “white” meaning purity and “black” meaning death. If you were to put my skin up to a black shirt, I don’t think my skin color or any other man of my orgin skin color doesn’t have an equal match in comparison to that black shirt. There is no such thing as a black nation because black is only a color which describes, but European’s look like pure white,I don’t think so. The point I’m trying to make is this, that if you go into the National Archieve’s at the Library of Congress which are some of the secret and hidden documents that this government don’t want most of the nation to know about. We as a people were already here on this continent before the split of the continents, before Columbus,and before western so-called slavery. This place that we call America was part and partial of Morocco called the Moroccan Empire and we are part and patrial bloodline of the families of the natives. we’ve came hear eons before the Europeans, so how can anybody justify us not claiming are bloodline as Cherokee even though mine came through slavery and native desent.My people are indigenous to both lands because of facts do to the course of history.So no one can’t undermind that at all and I will not allow it under any circumstances. We as a people were freedman before the act of western slavery by Europeans to undermind our nation and before some Cherokee tribes did enslaved some Moors that they called negro’s, but are forefathers were free men and civilization came through our desendant’s. We are not negros we are Moranos which is Spanish for Moor. The Moors gave Europe civilization and the Moors gave Eurpoe masonary,and the first slavery took place in Europe, not in ancient Eygpt, or so-called Africa, and America which are European names of both these continents. We enslaved them before they enslaved us. We were already free because of our forefathers were free so what does that make me also a free Moor. The people who are involved a long with congress are showing very high signs of racism as always for not excepting us Moors as a part of the Cherokee bloobline which I’m a part and partial.

  15. Tia Andy Says:

    Is there any blzack nation that was never enslave, or is slvery of the blacks worldwide?

  16. Noble Drew Ali Says:

  17. Noble Ausaru Says:

    These people calling themselves Indians (the white ones) are frauds. They are the perpetrators. White people are not native anywhere they are all immigrants and their his-story confirms what I say. If anything the so called Black people are the original people of the planet. You cant get Black from white. 2 white people cant make a Black child (naturally). 2 Black people can make a variety. So WHO ARE THE REAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE? NOT THOSE FAKE ASS PERPETRATORS LIVING ON RESERVATIONS.


  18. Free Black Books Says:

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