Fallible John Fallon: one anecdote

         Back on April 23, I was visiting Eastern Michigan University and testifying for the visiting Senate Higher Education Subcommittee on Appropriations what a terrible idea it would be to give UM/MSU/WSU their own silver-platter appropriations tier; though before I spoke, John Fallon did, I believe. (He is the recently fired president of EMU, of course, see, e.g., Freep, EMU president fired, two others forced out in cover-up probe, about the cover-up and/or mishandling of the rape and murder of EMU student Laura Dickinson.)
         Anyway, Fallon gave his spiel about how great EMU was and how there should be substantial state funding for EMU, etc.: but I noted that he mentioned as the source, or a primary one, for the EMU master plan, some kind of pop business book or something. I don’t remember the title–though he did hold the book up in the air, I think–, but it looked like one of those “airport books”, you know, “TEN SUPER DUPER DYNAMIC SECRETS FOR MEGA MANAGEMENT” or such.
         And I wondered to myself: what is this? A university president, waving around some “Chicken Soup for the Management Soul”-type schlock? Huh? (or thoughts to that effect)
         Maybe my instincts were vindicated, so to speak, by his firing. Sad, in any case.

         Creepily enough: the same week Fallon was fired, this week, there is a Harry Potter Fest over at EMU, today until 4 p.m.: a little trivial seeing all the events that have transpired at EMU recently, maybe. But life can be like that.

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