Mike Anglin and LuAnne Bullington funny actions etc.

         I have a lot to blog about, including my meeting Barack Obama at YearlyKos this weekend

(more later on this), and the national coverage/criticism I’m getting for my writings (as others are getting for theirs) in the unConventional photoessay/word essay book about last year’s YearlyKos convention, cf. my post here on unConventional, and the current YearlyKos site frontpage article Buy unConventional: Defend Us Essayists!!! which links to the American Spectator article attacking others and myself, The Daily Kossacks Ride Again; but I found it interesting that some local politicians are behaving funnily, so may blog about that before offering more details on the stuff just mentioned.

         Local Ann Arbor City Council wannabes Mike Anglin and LuAnne Bullington said they didn’t have time for an interview with me in person a la Sabra Briere, so they expressed interest in an e-mail interview. So I sent them questions. And got no response. And sent them the questions again.
         Bullington sent me an apology late last night, that she is too busy campaigning to answer the questions! Well well well! That is slightly better than Anglin, who hasn’t even sent an apology. Hm.
         If you can’t even complete an e-mail interview you said you would, how can you be trusted to handle people’s affairs on AACC? A mystery. I know Briere proved capable of showing up for an interview, link here, and no surprise, she got the Michigan Daily endorsement this morning…an endorsement that Anglin and Bullington failed to get, one notes. (Arblogger will not endorse any specific candidate, by the way, but you can’t stop the Daily.)

         Again, I have plenty to blog about, and nationally-related stuff (as noted above), not just discussion for Ann Arbor stormwater junkies or whatever. Still, I thought I should pass on some things that reflect on local candidates’ credibility, time management, and ability to keep their word. It could come in handy tomorrow.  

         Don’t forget to vote!

9 Responses to “Mike Anglin and LuAnne Bullington funny actions etc.”

  1. mucho gusto Says:

    Mike was out campaigning door to door.

    Maybe he thought face time with his potential constituents was more important that YA self important blogger with a personal agenda

  2. David Boyle Says:

    Ha ha ha.

    What does YA mean?

    What is this “personal agenda” of mine?

    …Mike could have refused BEFORE accepting it, but you don’t offer to do an interview and then not even bother to cancel like LuAnne Bullington did. (And she, by way, shouldn’t have taken on the challenge of an interview if she couldn’t handle it.)

    Self-importance means…not coming through on your word, or, maybe, defending such actions. Have a mucho nice day.

  3. Larry Kestenbaum Says:

    If they can’t face David Boyle, how are they going to face the developers? :-)

  4. David Boyle Says:


    (As the comedy continues…)

  5. Richard Wickboldt Says:

    Hello and Good Day. Richard Wickboldt here. August 7th is voting for the City Council in our ward. While it is a primary, this is the vote that counts since only one party has candidates running.

    This race is very important! Ann Arbor is at a cross roads to the future. We have immense challenges before us with the state economy in a slump and now Ann Arbor is no longer an island of vibrant economic activity. This is evident with Pfizer leaving us. We are only beginning to feel the impact. Our real estate values are declining and some neighborhoods have seen 40 – 50 % loss in value. Many local businesses in our Ward will see less economic activity. The city will see less tax receipts. Our city budget will be challenged!

    We need city council members who can provide the over sight to the government, hold the City Administrator accountable, know how to spend tax dollars wisely, have a depth of knowledge so they can question the votes put to them. Most importantly experience in building and reading a budget that must provide us with basic city government services in public safety, infrastructure (transportation and water), public health and social services. Additionally knowledge in the operations of these types of services to insure the City Administrator is properly managing them.

    We don’t need city council members who have specific agendas, clear ties and endorsements from special interest groups who wish to spend our tax dollars for their dreams and social agenda, no knowledge of city government operations in providing services, who feel that the world will be saved by our city government and it’s resolutions and our tax dollars.

    We have candidates in our Ward 1 race who have very specific ties and endorsements by organizations who do not have our best interest in mind and no respect for the role of city government. These same candidates have no professional knowledge or experience in the basic and important services we expect from a city government. They have no experience, responsibility and involvement with a budget of tens of millions of dollars. They have no experience how to properly allocate and spend money in operations of services. There only experience is in political and social activism. City council is no place for political and social activism.

    I have been asked to run for city council by many members of our community because they know I have the following experience we need to manage an effective city government:

    · 23 years experience in public services and utilities,
    · I have proven experience and track record as a steward of public tax dollar expenditures,
    · 23 plus years in management and decision making within the public sector,
    · Real world experience and track record of improving and championing the environment,
    · 15 years experience in emergency management,
    · No ties to any public or commercial interest group,
    · Extensive project management in areas of master and strategic planning, construction, engineering, environmental, utilities services and regulatory compliance.
    Neither of my opponents have any experience which will make them an effective city council member.

    I urge you to vote August 7th because our future of effective government is in jeopardy. Recently it has been announced that the Mayor maybe leaving his office to be on the Michigan Public Service Commission. A present City Council Member will be the acting mayor and the council seat filled by appointment.

    Finally I also urge you to pass this messagel onto your friends and neighbors and ask them to get out and vote tomorrow. Many of the primary voters who turn out are political activist who use the low turn out to get heir agenda and candidates on the council. By a larger turnout we can reverse this trend.

    Richard Wickboldt – Ward 1 City Council Candidate

  6. mucho gusto Says:

    YA= yet another.

    In the future only those without anything relevant to say will have weblogs

  7. David Boyle Says:


    You never know. . .

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