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More on Chet

Monday, September 27th, 2010

As noted previously, FOIA and conservative activist Chetly “Chet” Zarko passed away suddenly, see, e.g., Publius’ Forum, 7/20/10, Chet Zarko, RIP.

We didn’t agree on everything (e.g., affirmative action), but we did agree that government could get secretive and out of control at times. He was a valuable source of information about Freedom of Information Act issues to many people all over the political spectrum. (See, e.g., Mackinac Center, Chetly Zarko, RIP: Tributes From Mackinac Center Staff, for more about his past and more recent FOIA exploits)

Once, at a U.of Mich. Regents’ meeting where he (and I) were scheduled as public commenters, he didn’t show up, so that I myself spoke in support of the topic he was going to speak for! (About not having the campus police harass the homeless too much when the homeless visited campus lounges, as I remember)

RIP CZ. Hopefully in Heaven the government is run right, for a change.